Ultra modern Layer House 2 launched

In a quest to increase our production capacity and job creation, a second layer house with a capacity of 40,000 birds has being built. This fully automated layer house offers a more efficient operation. It creates the optimum environment for a high laying rate of the birds and a better management of the feed, water and manure removal.

Currently, Akro-Farms produces an average of 36000 crates of eggs. The second layer house will increase this to 72,000 crates per month. The end goal for Akro-Farms is to have 5 layer houses with 3 houses having a capacity of 80,000 birds per house in the coming years. This would make us the biggest Layer farms in West –Africa.

Akro Farms has implemented series of programs that aims to jumpstart farming and in turn provide employment for the residents. Our out-grower farming system was put in place to provide employment for the people of Akuapem ridge by supporting crop farmers to grow maize for our Farms, as we strive to keep growing our impact and extend the influence of our programs to other aspects of our community.