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Our Company

Established in 2019, Akro-Farms is the biggest integrated and automated poultry facility in West Africa, producing fresh and health table eggs, day-old chicks, chicken feed and meat. Our model adopts innovative agribusiness targeted at climate change mitigation and sustainable rural development. We are ambitious and are focused on becoming a leading producer and supplier of quality eggs, day-old chicks, chicken feed and meat in Africa. We run fully automated systems which makes us highly efficient and allows us to respond to customer needs in impressive time as well as and avert possible risks that may arise from the farm. Our processes from feed preparation to egg collection allows us to ultimately give a royal treatment to our birds as such enhancing their royal journey.

”Focused on becoming the leading producer and supplier of quality eggs, day-old chicks, chicken feed and meat in Africa"

We are a company for the people and run by the people with partnerships that empower local communities with jobs and capacity building. Our influence goes beyond poultry as our programs support farmers through the outgrower system to grow maize which Akro farms in turns purchases. It’s our goal to develop a strong eco-system that facilitates value chain excellence.

Our Corporate values


Our growth as a business should not come at a detrimental expense to the environment and people around us. We put measures in place to prevent any form on environmental degradation because there’s no use without it.


Quality is never to be compromised on. Not only to do we adhere to industry standards we strive to exceed them, with the aim of giving our customers the very best satisfaction each time they make a purchase from us.


Though our products and services are of high standards we believe they should not be limited to an elite few and everyone deserves quality poultry. So, with cost-effective production techniques we ensure they are sold at a price the average Ghanaian can afford

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Our Story

Operating from the Eastern region of Ghana in Aparasare, we believe the strength of our company lies in the strength of our people. By constantly focusing on empowering our people and fostering a collaborative and mutually supportive environment, we will ensure Teamwork, Discipline, Responsibility and a clean & healthy environment that will ensure sustainable results in both the short and long run

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