Our Products

Day-Old Chicks

All our chicks are hatched in a hospital-like environment from our 40,000 capacity international standard hatchery unit.

Egg Production

Akro-Farms continue to modernize egg farming production and processes in order to always offer nutritious and high-quality eggs.

Poultry Feed

Our feed has the optimal combination of the required nutrients for all the stages of the birds. We produce ourselves


Our latest technology is the process of compost into organic fertilizer without pollution


All our chicks are hatched in the hospital-like environment of our world best-practice hatchery. The technology employs sensors to detect infertile eggs, while the incubators are all computerized and programmed in advance, including temperature and humidity ranges. Incubation is a single-stage process, which is the most hygienic, and commences at a programmed time so that 21 days later – or 504 hours to be exact – the chicks hatch and our dedicated hatchery team is there to welcome them.

Royal Eggs

Our nutritious organic meal and good environment ensure that our Royal birds lays high quality eggs – deep coloured, hard shell, yellow yoke and good taste.

Our fully automation system includes feeding, ventilation, water system, manure removal and egg collection allowing for speed and efficiency in the production process. Farm fresh organic eggs are available throughout the year in various sizes and mostly tray pack for our distributors.

Birds usually start to lay around five months (20-21 weeks) of age and continue to lay for 12 months (52 weeks) on average, laying fewer eggs as they near the moulting period. The typical production cycle lasts about 17 months (72 weeks) and involves three distinct phases, as follows.

Royal eggs come in a pack of 30 for our distributors and strategic partners.

Chicken Feed

To ensure that we have the right nutrients and ingredients for a rich and healthy chicken feed, we produce our own feed. They receive a multigrain diet which consists predominantly of wheat and corn. Soybean meal, animal proteins and vegetable proteins are also fed to our chickens at different developmental stages. Just like many people take daily multivitamin, we add vitamins and minerals to our feed preparation.


Processed Meat

We are currently setting out our Broiler farm and meat processing unit. Talk to us to find out more.


Chicken manure is the feces of chickens used as an organic fertilizer, it contains high nitrogen, a good amount of potassium and phosphorus and balanced nutrients, which makes it have the highest nutrient among all livestock and poultry dung.