Why we say Golden Day Old Chicks

All our chicks are hatched in the hospital-like environment of our international standard hatchery. The technology employs sensors to detect infertile eggs, while the incubators are all computerized and programmed in advance, including temperature and humidity ranges. Incubation is a single-stage process, which is the most hygienic, and commences at a programmed time so that 21 days later – or 504 hours to be exact – as the chicks are hatched, our dedicated hatchery team is there to welcome them.
We have a specially equipped egg transport trucks that picks up eggs from the breeder farms and transport them to the hatchery for incubating and hatching. Once hatched, the day-old chickens are transported to brooder houses or to the farms that ordered from us.
Our internationally standardized facility hatches up to 35,000 eggs and also allows for vaccination and de-beaking of the chicks.
Order your day-old chicks now, our in-house experts will guide you through the process of getting the chicks and brooding them for your farm.